How to access a Test/Quiz

How to access a Test/Quiz

This guide provides a walk-through of the steps users must follow to access the tests/quiz that are part of the course.

Note: The Test/Quiz section contains a set of questions that will be related to the course content. Please follow the below instructions only if your course contains a general testing section.


1. Go to and click Sign In.

2. To access the purchased course, go to My Homepage and click Access My Training & Materials.



3. On the My Training & Materials page, click Select next to the relevant course.



4. On the Course Content page, you can view the course details.

5. After completing the course content, if your course has a test/quiz in it, you can access it by clicking Begin Quiz.



6. Click Get Started to access the test/quiz content.



7. You can now start attending the test/quiz. Select the correct option and click Next to move on to the next question.



8. After attending the test/quiz and scoring the pass percentage, the status changes from Incomplete to Complete.



9. You can now proceed to the next section as per the course assigned to you.

You are now familiar with the steps to access the tests/quizzes on NSC Learning. 

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