How to Purchase a Course

How to Purchase a Course

This guide provides a walk-through of the steps users must follow to purchase a course on NSC Learning. 

Follow these steps to purchase courses:

1. Go to  and click Sign In.

If you do not have an account, please refer - How to Sign In to NSC Learning 




2. Enter your username and password. Click Login.



Click to return to NSC Learning.You may have to click Sign In again and enter your username and password.


3. Choose from the course categories and navigate to the course you would like to purchase. You can also use the search bar to find the course you are looking for. 



4. Click Add to Cart.



Note: Free courses have a pricing of $0.00 on the list.



5. You will be taken to the Shopping Cart. Select the required purchase option and Click on Next.



Purchase Options:

Register Myself - Use this option to purchase the course for yourself. (This option is only available for a quantity of 1)

Register By Code - Use this option to purchase a larger quantity to distribute to others. 


Note : You can add multiple courses to the cart. This allows users to buy courses from different categories.


6. Update your billing information and click Submit.



Please add a Discount Code(if any) prior to entering your payment information


7. Enter your card details on the payment page and click Submit to process the payment.



8. A. If you have purchased the course for yourself, you will be taken to an order confirmation page where you can access the purchased course from My Training & Materials.



8. B. If you have purchased the course using the By Code option, you will be taken to an order confirmation page with instructions on how to view and use the registration codes.



You are now familiar with the steps to purchase a paid course on NSC Learning.

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