Distributing and Managing Registration Codes

Distributing & Managing Registration Codes

This guide provides a walk-through of the steps users must take to distribute course registration codes in NSC Learning. 

1. Go to https://learn.nsc.org/  and click Sign In.



2. Enter your username and password. Click Login.



3. Click on My Home Page.



4. Select Distribute & Manage Bulk Registration Codes from the home page.



5. You will be taken to the Student Registration Codes page. To distribute the registration codes, click Details next to the relevant course.



6. Enter the email addresses of the participants to whom you want to send the registration codes. 

7. Click on Import from CSV to import a list of email addresses of users you want to send an email invite. Those users will be sent a link via email that allows them to register for this training.



8. Click on Download to download the .csv template and fill in the learner details. Once this is done click on Choose File to re upload the completed .csv template. Review the uploaded learners and when ready hit Upload.



9. To add more email addresses, click on + button and add the email addresses that you want.



10. You can add additional information in the Additional Email Text box. Click Send Email. 



11. You will receive a confirmation on the screen that the email has been sent. 



12. On the Student Registration Codes page you will also be able to manage Pending Invites and Completed Registrations.



13. Click on Pending Invites to manage the registration codes that have been sent via email but the recipient has not clicked their registration link to complete their course registration. 



14. Click on Copy Invite Link next to the relevant participant to copy the invitation URL to your clipboard. You can send the URL link to the intended participant directly so they can complete their course registration and access their training.



15. Click on Email Registration Code to resend the invitation email next to the relevant participant. You can resend the registration code to the same participant again or send the registration code to a different participant to use. 



16. Enter the participant’s email address and click on Send Email. You can also add any additional information to the email using the Additional Email text box.





17. Click on Completed Registrations to manage the participants who have completed registration.



18. Click on Resend Confirmation Email to resend the course registration confirmation email to the selected participant.





19. Click on Cancel Registration next to relevant participants to cancel their registration for the course. 




You are now familiar with the steps to distribute and manage course registration codes or links.

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