This guide provides a walk-through of the steps users must follow to become a member of NSC Learning. 

1. Go to and log in using your credentials.

 If you don’t have an account, please refer  How to Sign In to NSC Learning 




2. After creating your username and password, click on  Explore Membership.



Note: Membership provides a wealth of research, standard-setting education and training programs, best practices and member networking opportunities. In addition, member organizations receive personal support from our dedicated staff to help keep their co-workers safe.


3. Click on Join Now.


4. Click on Login if you have an account.



5. Select the Membership Type. 

Note: Select Create New Membership to become an NSC Member Administrator and manage users in your organization.


To join an existing organization on NSC Learning, select Join Existing Organization


 A. To create a new membership:

  • Select Create New Membership and click Next.


  • On the Primary Member Profile page, enter your profile details and click Continue.

Note: The Primary Member account is the NSC Member Administrator account that will be used to manage members within your organization.




  • On the Member Organization Profile page, enter your details. Click Continue.


  • On the Payment Information page, enter your card details. Click Complete Purchase.


  • Once the purchase is complete, your NSC Learning membership will be activated.

B. To join an existing organization:

  • Select Join Existing Organization and click Next.


  • You will be notified to contact the NSC Member Administrator, after which your NSC membership will be activated.


You are now familiar with the steps to becoming a member of NSC.

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