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Instructor - My Home Page NSCL

My Homepage contains all the functions available for instructors to use in the NSC platform. These include access to training materials, performing instructor activities, managing course registration codes and student progress. These tiles are activated once the corresponding action has been completed. 

This guide provides a walk-through of all the tiles in the My Homepage section. 

1. Go to and log in using your credentials.

If you do not have an account, please refer -  InstructorHow to Sign In to NSC Learning


2. Click My Homepage.

Note: If the login page is redirected to shop.nsc, click the back button twice and then click My Homepage.




3. My Homepage contains several tiles. You may or may not have them depending on the level of access you have. More details of each tile are given below if required.

  • Access My Training & Materials allows instructors to access Virtual Instructor Led Training courses, eLearning courses, and Instructor Multimedia files for download.
  • Distribute & Manage Bulk Registration Codes allows instructors to send and manage their registration codes.
  • View Student Progress Report allows instructors who have distributed registration codes to track the progress of learners who have redeemed the registration code sent by the purchaser.
  • Perform Instructor Activities is exclusively for internal NSC Instructors (those to teach on behalf of NSC). These instructors can view and update rosters for courses or live NSC hosted sessions.
  • External Access Code Usage & Instructions provides access codes that are used to access content or electronic materials on third-party platforms.
    • VitalSource Book Shelf – We use this platform heavily for electronic participant workbooks and electronic instructor manuals.
    • BCSP (Board Certified Safety Professionals) – We use this platform for our customers to gain access to training on BCSPs.
  • View My Order History lists all the orders made by the user.
  • My Account Information (do not use) displays the profile information of the instructor which cannot be edited by the user.

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