Instructor - How to access Course Participant Material using VitalSource

Instructor - How to access Course Participant Material using VitalSource

VitalSource is a platform that contains eTextbooks such as Course Participant Materials, Instructor Manuals and Participant Guides. Once you purchase your course, you will receive codes that you can redeem after signing up. VitalSource tools and platforms make it easy to deliver accessible, affordable, impactful learning to anyone, anywhere. 

This guide provides a walk-through of the steps users must follow to access and complete the course material in VitalSource on the NSC platform.

1. Go to and log in using your credentials.

2. To access your course, click Access My Training & Materials. 



3. Click Select to view the course’s details on the My Training & Materials page.



4. The course’s status will be displayed. Click on Open Form to view the eSign NSC Instructor Agreement.



5. Select I Accept the Agreement, click Confirm and close the window.



6. Click Launch to view the material for Add First Aid, CPR & AED Instructor Manual to VitalSource Bookshelf.



7. The instructor can now view instructions to activate and access course participant materials.



8. Click Open VitalSource Bookshelf Window, enter your credentials and click Sign In.

If you do not have a VitalSource account, visit this link to create one - How to Create an account in Vital Source




9. Click Accept.

*Accepting the terms and conditions will take you from NSC to Vitalsource.




10. Click Redeem on the VitalSource dashboard.



11. Enter the Redeem Code (available on the Launch page of the Add First Aid, CPR & AED Instructor Manual to VitalSource Bookshelf material. Refer to the screenshot in Step 8) and click Redeem.

*Click on Redeem Course Participant Materials Code on VitalSource to display the redeem code.




*If the Redeem Code is not copied from the launch page of the course, then you won't be able to move further.




12. Click Continue Reading to view course contents.



13. Go through the material by using the navigation buttons.



*Once the course is completed, it won't automatically move to the next section. For that, click on < from the top left side to go back to the launch page.


You are now familiar with the steps to access course material on VitalSource.

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