Instructor - Perform Instructor Activities

Instructor - Perform Instructor Activities

This guide provides a walk-through of the instructor activities you have to perform. 

1. Go to, and login using your credentials.

2. Select Perform Instructor Activities.  



3. Click on Roster to download the list of participants who have registered for the session. This will be downloaded to your system as a CSV file which can be opened in Microsoft Excel. 



4. You can use the Add to Cart Link option for a shareable link that can be sent to customers to purchase the course.



5. Click on Launch to start the session. 



6. Click on Launch Meeting to open up the Webex Application. 



7. Click on Start Meeting to launch the session. 



8. Once users click on Join meeting they will be added to the lobby as shown below. Click on the Participants section to bring up the list of users waiting to be admitted. Select the users you want to let in and Click on Admit. The users who aren't selected will be restricted from entering the session.



9. Once all the registered users have entered you can start the training session. 



10. Once the users have attended the Virtual Session, go back to My Homepage on and click on Manage in the Perform Instructor Activities Section. 



11. Now you have to click on the completed checkbox for each user to mark their attendance. Only then will the learners be able to attempt the Post-Test.  



12. Once the learner has completed the Post Test you will be able to mark the Final Score for the learner and they will be able to download the Multimedia for LTO Instruction. 

13. Click Update to save the details for the user.



You are now familiar with the Instructor Activities on NSC Learning.

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